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Increase Retention, Acquisition & Revenue without the risk from iGaming Plan's fully integrated suite of High Stakes Jackpot products for Promotions, iGaming, Social Media & Marketing Campaigns

No Risk

No upfront costs

Simple Integration Process

The World's Biggest Jackpots

Take advantage & be part of the World's most popular gaming vertical by offering your clients a full suite of Lotteries and High Stakes Jackpot Games.

Our team of designers can create a game specifically to suit your brand or promotion

Our platform gives you complete control to use any or all of our products. You choose which games are best suited for you and your customers

We develop games and provide Cash Jackpots to enhance your marketing objectives

Single Games

Create your very own branded lottery & utilise our insurance coverage with Jackpots of up to €250million

Our products integrate with all major Gaming Sites, Social Media Platforms and Websites



All of our products and games are available in all main languages

Our products consume no player data giving you the freedom and control over your database at all times

Our games are available in any currency of your choice

Data Possession

Random Number Games

Our products are fully customisable to ensure they meet with your brands guidelines


White Labelling

Game Design

We develop all of our products in-house. Our team of designers and developers can assist in making a product tailored to suit your needs

Multi Language


Bespoke Lotteries

Our Jackpots provide limitless opportunities for your brand whilst avoiding any upfront costs

Multiple Currencies

Full Jackpot Coverage

We can provide jackpots for any RNG based game or we can create one especially to suit your needs

Permits , Gaming Licenses & Regulatory obligations  

Bespoke Lotteries

Your clients know and love your brand, why not create your own customised Lottery utilising your branding and offer jackpots of up to €250million.

It's a great way to increase engagement of your brand, build loyalty and excite your customers.

We will handle design, development, integration, and all regulatory components of your product.

Integrate lotteries into your existing Platform or Build your own online-lottery brand with our fully customizable i-frames and website skins.  Take advantage of our Huge Weekly Jackpots by offering the Leading Lotteries from across the World

Major Lotteries

32 of the World's leading lotteries & Syndicates available with Jackpots of up to €800million.

Emoji Millions

We use emojis every day, so why not celebrate them in conjunction with World Emoji Day.

Get your Players to Join in the celebration on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag


The Emoji Lottery & Emoji Challenge gives players the opportunity to WIN up to €10million Every day by choosing 6 of their favorite Emojis, if they match the draw, they WIN the Jackpot Prize.

2nd & 3rd Division Prizes are also available

Let's Celebrate Emoji

This one of a kind Travel Lottery gives players the opportunity to choose their favourite destination and if they match them from our daily draw, then they WIN an all-expenses paid holiday of a lifetime and  HUGE Cash Prizes.

Destination Cash

Excite players with an all Expenses Paid Trip to 6 of their favourite Destinations and a Huge Cash Jackpot of €5,000,000

Drag2WIN has simplified the approach to Betting & Voting on your favourite ​Sports, ​Events and Reality TV Shows with huge jackpots of ​€10 million.


Players simply choose their Top 10 in any of our Events and if they successfully match the Top 10 in the Correct order based on the outcome of the Event, they WIN €10,000,000

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